Industry 4.0 Applications

mercan makina, Industry 4.0 Applications

Purchase orders are transferred via EDI (electronic data interchange) into Mercan ERP system.

EDI system prevents human errors and makes it easy to track the orders.

MRP system makes the necessary production planning and raw material requirements.

All the production orders are created according to MRP and every production order has its unique barcode label for every process.

Barcode traceability system makes it possible to track raw material, operator, machine, quantity and date of production of the orders.

Benefits of this system are;

  • Efficient planning
  • OEE (overall equipment efficiency) calculation
  • Tracking of products

In addition, automatic mail notifications in the ERP system helps logistic, purchasing and production departments, making the system autonomous.

  • Critical stock notifications
  • Daily, weekly delivery lists
  • Target dates for production departments